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Calm * Gentle * Loving
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    Calm * Gentle * Loving

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About Us at Stamm Farm Labradoodles

Welcome to our Centenniel Farm! Great Grandpa Short bought our farm in Northwest Ohio in 1892. Son-in-law, Adolph Stamm bought the farm from him and farmed it for many years, followed by his sons. Many animals and crops have been raised here. There has been much laughter, tears, and love passed around. Now we are sharing the farm with our wonderful labradoodles.

We breed our Labradoodles with extra love and care to prepare them for their new adoptive homes.
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For more information on Labradoodles click on the picture of the cute chalk white labradoodle puppy.
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Still uncertain about Labradoodles? Here is a link to a short video offering great information about this wonderful breeds.

Labradoodles 101